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FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 9:20am EST
the tailwind to this market is that we've had gridlock in d.c. since the mid term elections of 2010. that is a positive underpinning to both economic growth admitted it's modest, and to the market as a whole. do i think this budget deal is a market mover? not necessarily, but let's face it the market seems to go up on every bit of news right now. stuart: it doesn't hurt and the market wants to go up and i think you're on record saying 18 k for the dow fairly soon. is that right? it is? >> it's coming. i don't know how-- we have to define fairly soon. >> okay. and i will not pin you down, because that was not your forecast. tray knippa, thank you. the opening bell has running. and we're before 16,000. everybody knows i'm a ludwick-- luddite sort of. friday night i ordered a book on amazon and sunday morning it was delivered by the postal service. i thought i'd like you to know that amazon is using the postal service and it works. and another big name you know, it's china mobile. they're going to take orders for apple's iphones starting thursday. apple is up in part on that news. chin
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 9:20am EST
it was in the election cycle but these young people in 2012, look at obamacare. we see policies so quickly turned against the generation that voted for them in 2012 and you would think i voted in 2004 obama. and the turnaround in 2012 and looking to the student loans? there pushed like predators' on these students. stuart: in the last two presidential elections president obama won an overwhelming plurality of young people's votes for students or youngsters, he won a plurality. do you think there is any chance come 2016, years down the road that situation will be reversed? >> it could be reversed and the lot is incumbent on republicans on making the case, depend on the candidate, the messaging, the outrage, lot of things. stuart: you need republicans to go to universities. >> there was a study that democrats good universities more than republicans and bring in more liberal speakers than republicans and go to the lecture hall every single day kids are getting a liberal perspective and the.. i am taking online classes and running this organization. i have no student loan debt. i am taking online classes, do
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2013 9:20am EST
tax-- true he's not going along for everything for sure, but then we have an election in 2016 which we'll get a new president and i think whether it's a democrat or a republican you'll find the new president far more amenable to good economic policies than obama and his administration has been. i mean, you could get another clinton-like democrat in there or you could get a reagan republican in there. and you would have a boom that you couldn't imagine how wonderful it's going to be. and that's why i'm really bullish about the stock market. i think the stock market looks at what will be, stuart, not what has been. and when you look to the future, i am very optimistic about change in america. i mean, just look at what's happened with obamacare. i mean, who-- you know it has to collapse, you know it's just built on unsound theory and unsound data, but seeing is actually collapsing before our very eyes is very, very fulfilling and not in the sense that we want it to collapse, but that we know the silly give away themes don't work. stuart: we hear you, i think you're putting a smile on a lo
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2013 9:20am EST
at election time. you have a small employers, many of them are getting pretty staggering renewals and many are taking advantage of the early renewal especially in the small group market, under 50 employees. they will have to face obamacare for 2015 and what we are hearing again is big increases. once you have a smaller employer market being hit by the same things the individual health market is being hit by, preexisting condition and medical underwriting reforms, china benefit level you have to have with obamacare and the age rating changes hitting the small group the same way. i talked to a small hill insurance broker the other day that has 90 plans. they can't do early renewal where he is and he is telling me he is seeing red increases between 15%, and 60% with the average rate increase in the small market being 30%. stuart: give us some clarity on another issue that is emerging, the transfer of information from my account in my personal information into the obamacare website. the transfer of the information from me to the insurer. i understand the error rate is enormous and that is wher
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4